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Bucket Teeth System

Innovative Lock Assembly

With industry-leading dual locking mechanisms, Keech’s Keefast mechanism keeps the tooth secure – without being load bearing.

Self-sharpening tooth

With it’s innovative self-sharpening tip, Keesharp™ increases in efficiency as it wears – so you get more work from every tooth.

A solution for every application

With rock penetration, sabre tooth, abrasive and more, Keesharp has a tooth for every need.

Keefast and Furious

When you need to keep your excavators working and productivity high, rely on the proven advantages of a Keesharp™ system, only from Keech. Keesharp’s™ light weight, self sharpening design is made from superior Keech “gold” steel, making it tougher, longer lasting and more reliable. Keesharp™ bucket teeth and bucket edge systems are available for a range of machine sizes from 20 to 360 tonnes.

Ideal for a variety of applications where you need to maintain bucket availability, teeth are quickly and easily replaced using the patented Keefast™ twin pin locking system. With a completely hammerless, balanced design Keesharp™ is sought after for its longer lasting properties, increased strength and easy on/easy off operation.


Always by your side

From open pit mining and digging to construction and earthmoving, Keesharp™ offers a range of point styles and sizes to suit applications from general purpose through to heavy duty high abrasion conditions.

Nose to the grindstone

The specialised design of the Keesharp™ tooth profile means it becomes even sharper with wear, increasing efficiency with use and providing a longer life than its competitors.

Dynamic Profile
Stay Sharp feature
Light weight
Superior Steel
Safe and quick
changeout time
Customised solution to
meet customer demand
Flexibility in design
Integrated slide on wear cap
Product validated through
destructive tests

Test-proven benefits of the Keesharp

Technology on your side

  • Increased strength
  • Dynamic profile
  • Flow dynamics incorporated
  • Superior Keech steel
  • Patented system only available from Keech
  • Integrated slide on wear cap
  • Product validated through destructive tests
  • Protect your bucket
  • Reinforced box section

Smart Engineering

  • The specialised design means the tooth and adapter absorb the force of digging – leaving the Keefast™ twin pin locking system free of pressure
  • The Keesharp™ system requires no hammering, making it safer and easier for installers
  • The dust cover helps avoid material build up and makes change-outs quicker and easier
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Parts & Attachments
 245 Tooth Series Penetration KC245P

Series Product Name Part Number
 205 Tooth Series  Heavy Penetration KC205HP
 General Purpose Long KC205GPL
 Rock Penetration KC205RP
 205 Adapter Series  Straight KC70-205HP / KC80-205HP
 Left KC70-205GPL / KC80-205GPL
 Right KC80-225R / KC90-225R
 225 Tooth Series  Heavy Penetration KC225PH
 Penetration KC225P
 Long Penetration KC225LP
 Rock Penetration KC225R
 225 Adapter Series  Straight KC80-225S / KC90-225S
 Left KC80-225L / KC90-225L
 Right KC80-225R / KC90-225R
245 Tooth Series  Penetration KC245P
 Heavy Penetration KC245HP
 Rock Penetration KC245RP
 General Purpose Long KC245GPL
245 Adapter Series  Straight KC100-245S
 Left KC100-245LH
 Right KC100-245RH
 Straddle KC100G-245S
 265 Tooth Series  Heavy Penetration KC265HP
 General Purpose Long KC265GPL
 Long Penetration KC265LP
 Penetration KC265P
 Rock Penetration KC265RP
 Abrasive KC265A
 Sabre Tooth KC265ST
 265 Adapter Series  Straight KC120-265S / KC140-265S
 Left KC120-265L / KC140-265L
 Right KC120-265R / KC140-265R
 Straddle KC120G-265S / KC140G-265S