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The Keech Whisler range is one of our core products from the Keech Innovation and Quality Centre.

All retention systems are hammerless and all shrouds use pull on locking system.

Whisler uses Keech Australia’s patented Keefast™ system to attach the tooth to the adapter. Tooth adapter installation & maintenance can be done from top of the lip.

 Fully integrated slide on bottom wear cap for extra protection.

Whistle while you work

The Keech Whisler product is a complete GET system for all Whisler rope shovel buckets.

Our fully integrated slide on wear cap adds extra protection and reduces maintenance.

The Keech Whisler uses Keech Australia’s patented Keefast™ system to attach the tooth to the adapter, ensuring a strong connection with no risk of failure.

Keech EasyWedge™ Active Retention System

The tooth adapter is mechanically attached to the lip with Easy Wedge retention system. All GET is mechanically attached.

Why choose Whisler?

Dynamic profile reduces fuel consumption and increases penetration, improving efficiency of mine operation.

Increased strength enables Whisler to withstand peak/impact loads while maintaining resistance to wear and breakages.

Parts & Attachments

Image Description Part No Mass
  WH10TA Whisler tooth adapter
with top and bottom
WH10TA/WH12TA 394 Kg
WH12WC Wearcap top and bottom WH12WC 35 Kg
WH12CC “C” Clamp retainer assembly WH12CC 35 Kg
KC657RL Rock long KC657RL  111 Kg
KC657RS Rock short KC657RS 106 Kg
WH12S Lip shroud fits WH12
WH12S 193 Kg
WH12SA Lip shroud adapter WH12SA 14 Kg
KLSRAWH12 Lip shroud retainer