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3D printing revolution arrives at Keech

Just a short while ago, 3D printing seemed like a futuristic fantasy, but in fact it’s a reality. 3D printers have already been used to create a full size motorcycle, aeroplanes, a titanium prosthetic hand and even human blood vessels.

Keech has joined the 3D printing revolution, with the recent acquisition of a new large format coupon for cialis 3D printer by our subsidiary Keech 3D Technology.

Keech 3D Technology, received a grant from the Victorian Department of State Development, Business and Innovation’s Investment in Manufacturing Innovation fund and is now the first commercial supplier of large format 3D printing in Central Victoria.

3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing or digital manufacturing, and the process of making solid three-dimensional objects from a digital model is the latest technology driving the digital manufacturing revolution.

What it means for Keech is a faster and more affordable method to produce our patterns, producing savings which we can then pass on to our customers.

For all information on Keech3D advanced manufacturing visit the web site.

Click to download Keech3D brochure.