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Chile warming up to big savings

The copper mining industry is booming in Chile – and recent trials of the Keech Wearpact™ bucket edge system have shown there’s potential for operators to boost their bottom line.

The Wearpact™ system, a patented ground engaging tool system for underground and open pit mining buckets, was first trialled on two loaders for a mining contractor in Chile.

The trial well exceeded expectations, with both buckets still going strong when the 3,000 hour milestone ticked over.

And based on this success, the mine has now fitted the system to another 10 underground loaders.

Trials have since commenced at four other mines, with all enjoying positive results. Given Chile’s projected increase in production, these mines are setting themselves well ahead of the competition by maximising profitability through reduced ongoing maintenance costs.

Keech provides ongoing maintenance checks for operations using and trialing the Wearpact™ system. essaywritingplace Keech opened an office in the country in 2009.

As part of the trials, Keech works with the mine’s maintenance personnel to complete checks every 200 to 500 hours. This allows any potential problems to be detected well ahead of time to ensure the system’s longevity even in tough hard rock mining operations.

To meet demand, Keech plans to further invest in the Chilean market this year to provide contractors with timely access to the Wearpact™ system and a range of other Keech buckets.

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