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Agricultural Wear Parts & Tillage Points

Agriculture is at the heart of Australia’s economy. Staying productive and profitable means getting the most out of your equipment by choosing quality agricultural wear parts and tillage points.

Keech Australia has been designing and manufacturing agricultural wear parts and tillage points since we were established in 1934. Whether you choose one of our exclusive designs or provide your own specifications for us to custom manufacture, you can be confident that our wear replacement castings can withstand the harshest Australian conditions and are supported by a nationwide distribution and dealer network.

Direct Drilling Points

Tillage is a vital part of your season, so make the most of it with quality direct drilling points that will help you maximise productivity. Keech Australia produces high quality GET for the agriculture market, with extra tungsten for strength and durability.

Tillage Points

When you have a field to prepare or a crop to get in you want it done quickly, accurately and economically. High quality tillage points will ensure you get the most out your seeding and tillage machines.

Keech Australia’s deep tillage shanks are locally manufactured to stringent Australian quality standards. With a higher tungsten component than many other products on the market, they can really extend the life of your equipment and boost the overall performance of the machine.

With an extensive dealer network holding a considerable inventory, you can be sure that parts will be quick and easy to source.

Sowing Systems

Keech Australia understands that for a farmer, time is money. That’s why our sowing systems are distributed by a dedicated nationwide network for fast service and quick delivery.

Our products are locally manufactured for harsh Australian conditions, to ensure you get the most out of your equipment and your farm.