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Meet our new team members

Keech Australia has just expanded its sales team, with three new people on the ground in Western Australia and New South Wales. Our new sales staff introduce themselves below.

Bradley Dean: Keech Sales rep for Perth, Western Australia

“In my past life, I was a metal worker and automotive technician. I’m also studying mechanical engineering part time, which means I have the technical knowledge to provide you with advice on how to increase the life of your equipment. Since joining the team in March, I’ve been working closely with our existing customers such as Rio Tinto and BHP. Everyone I’ve met so far has commented on how impressed they are with the life of Keech equipment. It makes my job a lot easier knowing I am selling equipment which has a market reputation to deliver what it promises.”

Daniel Hywood: Keech sales rep for Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

“Working within an 800km radius of Kalgoorlie, my focus will be working with key staff in the region’s gold, lead and nickel mines. With a background in boiler making and welding, mining is an environment I’m highly familiar with. Because I’ve worked with the products that Keech sells, I know their capabilities. Keech products are well regarded in the field. The customers I’ve spoken to know that when they’re buying a Keech www.essaywritingplace.com click on this link product, they’re choosing a quality part which will increase the longevity of their equipment.

Paul Martin: Keech sales rep for Orange and the Hunter Valley, New South Wales

“Prior to joining Keech, I worked as a maintenance fitter for mining equipment, most recently at the Cadia East gold mine in Orange.  After a 10 year contract, I decided it was time for something new. Because I can relate to the unique demands placed on the equipment used in a mining environment, I have the technical expertise to provide advice on how to increase machinery life and reduce on-site maintenance though the use of quality Keech products.”