Keech offer a range of copper and soft steel hammers for the mining industry.

Copper and soft steel available

Safety hammers

A range of sizes

Strike a Blow

Keech offers a complete range of copper and soft steel cast hammers.

Large hammers are used to fitĀ adapters and points to shovels and draglines.

Copper hammers are widely used in the mining industry to increase safety. Inspect and dress them regularly to ensure they stay in shape.

Why choose Keech hammers?

Keech hammers are madeĀ in a range of sizes to suit any application.

From hammers to buckets, Keech applies over 80 years of innovation expertise to make mining easier and safer.

Parts & Attachments

Copper hammer components
Description Part no
Soft copper hammer – 4lb KSHC – 4lb
Soft copper hammer – 8lb KSHC – 8lb
Soft copper hammer – 14lb KSHC – 14lb

Steel hammer components
Description Part no
Soft steel hammer – 4lb with fiber glass handle KSHS-4lb
Soft steel hammer – 8lb with fiber glass handle KSHC-8lb
Soft steel hammer – 14lb with fiber glass handle KSHC-14lb
Soft steel hammer – 28lb with fiber glass handle KSHC-28lb
Fiber glass handle for 28lb hammer head KHHF-900