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International reach

From the supply of Keeplates to line the back of dump trucks in a mine in Papua New Guinea to the use of the Keech Wearpact™ bucket edge protection in an underground mine in Chile, Keech products are being put to use in a growing number of mines worldwide.

Keech’s international reach is continually growing, with products supplied to Japan, Russia, North America, Papua New Guinea, South America, Chile and now Mongolia.

  • Japan and Russia: Keech works with Hitachi to supply its Sidelock bucket system for a wide range of newly manufactured equipment
  • North America: Keech supplies its Wearpact™ system through various distributors for use in underground and hard rock mines across Canada and the United States
  • South America: Keech has a branch in Chile and is expanding its reach with five trials of the Wearpact™ system currently being undertaken by leading contractors across the country
  • Papua New Guinea: Keech recently supplied its Keeplate system to line the back of 25 250-tonne dump trucks on one of the largest copper concentrate and gold mines.
  • Mongolia: Keech is working with a number of mines to supply a range of ground engaging tools.