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Investing for the future

These www.medicine20.org are exciting times here at Keech! Our No. 2 Foundry is operating beautifully following a major upgrade last year and we’re really looking forward to kicking off the upgrade of our larger no. 1 foundry in Bendigo, Vic.

The upgrade will make the foundry more efficient and more productive – not to mention world class.

Work will begin in the second half of 2013, and the first stage will be complete by mid-2014.

The new automated system will help to dramatically lift our production capacity. We expect that our manufacturing capabilities will be boosted by at least 50 per cent by the time the project is completed.

The work will happen in three stages to ensure the foundry can remain operational throughout the project.

The upgrade will help Keech stay cost competitive without compromising on quality, will improve OH&S for our staff and will allow us to increase our output so we can keep up with growing demand for our products.

We’re excited to be embarking on a new project to boost our competitive edge in the global market, continue improving the already excellent quality of our products and position the company to win more business and meet growing demand!

Cameron Watts, Chief Operating Officer

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