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New products on the way

Last year medicine20.org – this web we were very excited to launch our new Innovation and Quality centre in Bendigo. And this year, we’re very excited to say that the innovation centre is working on a number of brand new products for our mining and construction customers.

We don’t want to give too much away about what’s on the horizon, but can tell you there’ll be some innovative new products hitting the market very soon.

Our development process ensures every new product meets the rigorous standards Keech is known for.

How do new products come about? 

First of all, we identify a problem that needs to be solved.

Then we create a scale model. Sometimes this is plastic, sometimes it’s created using a 3D printer. For a new product we’re working on at the moment, we made a wooden model.

When our expert team has assessed the scale concept, provided feedback and agreed on the approach, the next step is to develop a full scale prototype. Prototypes are built to the exact specs we intend for the finished product.

Products at this point are either internally validated using our test rigs or sent straight into field trials where they’re put to work in real life situations.

We review the feedback from the trials – which in most cases, we’re happy to say, is excellent. If we need to make some final tweaks we do, and then the new product is ready to go to market.

Our latest round of new products will be released in the next few months. To find out more, keep an eye on our website as we’ll have updates as they are released. You can find more info on the innovation centre on the site, too.