Bucket teeth and edge system

Fit KEESHARPTM GET to the lip and edge of buckets to reduce wear.

Keesharp keylock pin
Innovative Lock Assembly

KEESHARPTM 6-Series teeth can be quickly and easily replaced, using Keech’s patented KEELOCKTM system.

Keesharp 6-series GET
A Solution For Every Application

The KEESHARPTM 6-Series ground engaging technology (GET) covers all applications and various lip configurations. It is available in 4 sizes to suit all popular makes and models of excavators and wheel loaders. Also available are additional Keech lip and wing shrouds.

Keesharp lip shroud
Keesharp surface loader bucket
Keesharp wing shroud
Keesharp bucket

GET all the right features!

When you need to keep your machines working and productivity high, rely on the proven advantages of a KEESHARP™ system, only from Keech. KEESHARP’s™ light weight, self-sharpening design is made from Keech’s new superior KS steel, making it tougher, longer lasting and more reliable.

Keech Australia’s materials and technical engineers, scientists, innovators, patternmakers and QA specialists work together on world-class projects for our global customers in mining, defence, transport and agriculture.

From better mining buckets to cutting edge ground engaging tools and wear components, we continue to innovate from the ground up.

Built for the toughest conditions

KEESHARPTM is designed to be lightweight, made from Keech’s superior quality steel, with up to twice the impact strength of competitor products.

Saves Money

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Better bucket penetration

Saves Time 

  • Fast changeout time
  • Increased reliability

Boosts Productivity 

  • Increased safety
  • Increased penetration


KEESHARP™ bucket teeth and bucket edge systems are available for a range of machine sizes from 90 to 360 tonnes. Ideal for a variety of applications where you need to maintain bucket availability, teeth are quickly and easily replaced using the patented KEELOCK™ system. With a completely hammerless, balanced design KEESHARP™ is sought after for its longer lasting properties, increased strength and easy on/easy off operation.

  • Integrated wear cap
  • New nose design
  • New superior steel
  • Increased strength
  • Dynamic profile 
Proven Benefits
  • Increased digging load capacity
  • Increased load bearing
  • Extended operational life
  • Increased nose strength by 30%
  • Increased safety margins
Keesharp 6-series GET

KEELOCK™ Retention System

Introducing the revolutionary new tool-less installation GET retainer, the patented KEELOCK™ system.

Keech has removed the opportunity for thread corrosion and assembly difficulties by eliminating nuts, bolts and threads. KEELOCK™ is an extremely fast, hammerless, safe and efficient system compatible with all existing Keech GET. With GET change out occurring as often as every 40 hours, KEELOCK™ has been designed to save you thousands of dollars in lost time and productivity. KEELOCK™ can be installed in an instant and removed in less than a quarter of the time required by other systems.

Field tested for all applications on all types of machines, KEELOCKTM has proven its worth as a productivity booster. 

  1. Rapid change out
  2. One piece retainer
  3. Retrofit
  4. Tapered faces
  5. Tool-less installation
  6. Secure system
  7. Rapid removal
Keesharp keylock pin

Product Video

Parts and Attachments

From open pit mining and digging to construction and earthmoving, KEESHARP™ offers a range of point styles and sizes to suit applications from a general purpose through to heavy duty high abrasion conditions. The specialised design of the KEESHARP™ tooth profile means it becomes even sharper with wear, increasing efficiency with use and providing a longer life than its competitors.

KEESHARP Excavators Tooth Styles
KEESHARP Wheel Loaders Tooth Styles

New Superior KS Steel

Keech has raised the bar again with its new KS steel, a game-changing abrasion resistant steel alloy that improves even more on Keech’s KF proprietary steel. The new Keech KS steel is used throughout Keech’s 6-series GET, providing superior hardness and durability, with up to twice the impact strength of competitor products.

  • Able to withstand peak/impact loads
  • Higher reliability
  • Resistant to wear and breakages
  • Self sharpening
  • Improved wear life
  • Increased hardness throughout
KS through hardness
Keech Steels Hardness Yield Strength Tensile Strength
KF Steel 477-514 HB 1250 MPa 1400 MPa
KS Steel 514-601 HB 1550 MPa 1740 MPa

Machine Break Out Force

KEECH 6-series GET Lip size (mm) Hydraulic hoe (kN) Wheel loader (kN) Hydraulic face shovel (kN)
627 90 546 424 972 772 625 487
637 100 751 582 1335 1060 858 667/1471
647 120 896 694 N/A N/A 1024 796.5/1755
657 140 1093 846 N/A N/A 1249 971/2138