Keech KOBRA™ Cast Lip System

Fit Keech KOBRA™ for increased productivity, less maintenance and faster changeout times.

Keech Kobra cast lip system
Keech integrated wearcap

Integrated Wear Cap

  • Mechanically attached
  • Greater lip protection
  • Increased lip life
Keech keylock system

Patented KEELOCK™ System

  • Completely hammerless
  • Single piece
  • Fast changeout
  • Reduces maintenance cost
Keech Kobra nose design

Improved Nose Design

  • Shroud protected against backblading
  • Smoother bucket emptying
  • Increased bucket filling


The KOBRA™ series is specially engineered for hardrock mining. Improved stress distribution across the lip and a new smoother profile gives better penetration and more digging power.

The streamlined profile boosts bucket filling and emptying rates for increased productivity and more efficient machine operation.

The KEELOCK™ retention system enables faster changeouts and less downtime.

Keech KOBRA side view

Proven Benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved penetration
  • Longer wear life
  • Built for the toughest conditions
  • Designed, manufactured and tested in Australia

Standard Features

  • Tooth styles for all digging conditions
  • Slim profile for high digging efficiency
  • Patented hammerless KEELOCK™ technology
  • Lower wing shrouds
  • Single beam one piece casting
  • Shroud protected from ‘backblading’
  • Suits 350t – 800t excavators


  • Field tested and validated
  • Integrated wear cap standard
  • Lower wing shroud standard
  • Improved lip coverage and strength
  • 10° spade angle

Parts & Attachments

Product Name Product Number Nose Stations Width Mass Style Machine Suitability
KCL5100-690 690 6 5100mm 15.7t* Face Shovel Komatsu PC8000
Hitachi EX8000
CAT 6090
Terex RH400
Liebherr R996/R9800
KCL4300-690 690 6 4300mm 13.1t* Back Hoe
KCL4300-680 680 6 4300mm 10.3t* Back Hoe Komatsu PC5500
Hitachi EX5600
CAT 6050/6060
Terex RH340/RH200
Liebherr R995
KCL3750-680 680 5 3750mm 8.8t* Face Shovel
KCL4300-670 670 6 4300mm 8.6t* Face Shovel/Back Hoe Hitachi EX3600
CAT 6030/6040
CAT 6050/6060
Terex RH340/RH20
Liebherr R9400/R995
KCL3560-660 660 6 3560mm 6.0t* Back Hoe Komatsu PC5500
CAT 6030
Terex RH170
Liebherr R9350/R9400
Coming Soon Face Shovel

*Assembled with GET

Keech Innovation

Keech KOBRA™ is the latest development from the Keech Innovation and Quality Centre – where people, creative thoughts and a focus on customer challenges combine to develop innovative solutions.

Keech Australia’s materials and technical engineers, scientists, innovators, patternmakers and QA specialists work together on world-class projects for our global customers in mining, defence, transport and agriculture. From better mining buckets to cutting edge ground engaging tools and wear components, we continue to innovate from the ground up.